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What the video said is true.
You've found a
wonderful home base for exploring Southern Utah and Northern Arizona's "Grand Circle". Famous destinations like Zion, Bryce, Monument Valley, and The Grand Canyon are less than a day's trip from our magically decorated and well supplied Bed and Breakfast.
But forget the crowds...
You don't need to go far to experience Southwestern wonders. The Toadstools, Buckskin Gulch, and Lone Rock Beach are all right here.

You'll love the stillness and clean air in Big Water, Utah.
Our quiet neighborhood serves as a gateway to the Grand Staircase National Monument, the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument,
and Lake Powell. Beyond the adventure these formations offer,
they also have stories to tell...

An underground lake, a volcano that never came to be.
A fire within a mountain, dinosaurs.
Come on a short walk with your Hosts at sunset to a beautiful Overlook of the Kaiparowits Plateau; and learn all about why Big Water is called Big Water, about geology, paleontology,
and the coal and gravel in recent memory..

A perfect getaway for the whole family awaits.

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